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Are you ready to launch or expand your hardscape business & differentiate yourself from the competition? Learn to sell your jobs on value, straight from the trained experts in a 3-part Crash Course.


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Dirt Monkey University has the education you need in our 3-Part Paver Crash Course!

Part 1 
Components of and ICP
History of Segmental Pavers
Principle of Interlock

Part 2
Job Planning
Estimating Quantities

Part 3

With the right training, knowledge and education, a paver contractor can make 30% - 40% net profit margins with average project values of $6,000 - $7,000. The average paver patio project takes two days to complete. When projects are properly designed and planned, you can see profits averaging $1,000 per day, with many projects even higher than that.

So if you’ve been thinking about entering this VERY LUCRATIVE market, then the education you need is AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!

This is the MOST comprehensive “crash course” available and has nearly 3 full hours of detail rich content…enough guidance and information to maximize your profit margin and grow your paver business! This is real time advice from experts who are utilizing this same information in their own businesses...

How NOT to Build a Paver Project
& What Makes Them FAIL


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