Dirt Monkey University's Ultimate Paver Course

Are you ready to launch or expand your hardscape business and grow your profit? The education in this course will change the way you do business - starting with your profits!

You'll receive the first 3 parts immediately - the rest at the end of May 2018

This course will prepare you to sell on value, build efficiently and make MONSTER profits while creating raving fans!

With the right training, knowledge and education, a paver contractor can make 30% - 40% net profit margins with average project values of $6,000 - $7,000. The average paver patio project takes two days to complete. When projects are properly designed and planned, you can see profits averaging $1,000 per day, with many projects even higher than that.

So if you’ve been thinking about entering this VERY LUCRATIVE market, then the education you need is AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW

This depth of content and education has never before been available in one complete online course. This course is perfect for company owners, managers, supervisors and laborers. This is the ULTIMATE TRAINING BLUEPRINT that thoroughly covers the following:

  1. History of hardscapes
  2. How to successfully install pavers
  3. How to bid projects 
  4. How to write contracts
  5. How to make TONS OF MONEY in hardscaping

That’s it. There is no other paver instruction that even comes close to matching the level of detail and preparation that’s gone into this program. In our 20-part course, you will learn…

  • PART I
    • Section 1 – Interlocking Paving Introduction & History
    • Section 2 – Paver Interlock
    • Section 3 – Basic Job Planning
    • Section 4 – Estimating Material Quantities
    • Section 5 – Job Pricing (Understanding Overhead)
      • Part 1 - Understanding Pricing Components
      • Part 2 - Overhead in Detail
      • Part 3 - Understanding Your Financial Statements
      • Part 4 - How to Bid Pavers
    • Section 6 – Job Planning Spreadsheet (with full instructional tutorial)
  • PART II 
    • Section 7 – Soils (Technical Lesson)
    • Section 8 – Geotextiles
    • Section 9 – Base Preparation
    • Section 10 – Edge Restraints
    • Section 11 – Bedding & Joint Sands
    • Section 12 – Selection, Installation, Patterns
    • Section 13 – Specialty Applications & Construction Tips
    • Section 14 – Maintenance & Management
    • Section 15 – Safety
    • Section 16 – Contracts


How NOT to Build a Paver Project
and What Makes them FAIL!


Get immediate access to THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE PAVER INSTALLATION COURSE AVAILABLE. This is REAL WORLD information combined with every technical detail EVER TAUGHT!

Stan and Phil have both built their businesses on a foundation of hardscape installation services. And now Dirt Monkey University has committed hundreds of hours in assembling this course. This 20-part series will cover every single aspect of paver installation needed to catapult your knowledge

“In all my years in business, I can honestly say that there has never been a more lucrative time in history to be a paver contractor.
There are limitless design possibilities and a hard working contractor can use the knowledge in this course to unlock the key to MONSTER PROFITS as a hardscape contractor”  

~Phil Sarros, Sarros Landscaping & Director of Education, Dirt Monkey University~

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You'll receive the first 7 parts immediately, the full course will be completed in May 2018

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You'll receive the first 7 parts immediately, the full course will be completed in May 2018

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