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Chainsaw Review- Gas or Electric - Does Dewalt Stand a Chance?


We're going to be talking about chainsaws today, and specifically their applications. we're not going to go in technical details of how many cc's a gas powered chainsaw may have; if you want those kind of details I'm going to recommend you go check out my friends at the Tools in Action crew over on YouTube.

Tools in Action

Tools in Action show: What's up you guys?! Welcome to the Tool-a-Thon. It's going to be a weekly show where we show you guys the latest in tool innovation. Stan: They have phenomenal reviews! Today what we're going to be talking about is real world application. When you may need a gas powered chain saw, and IF an electric chainsaw could even be a viable option in your arsenal. So let's get started. Three, two, one. Alright, before I get started, the one thing I want to point out is I've never accepted any kind of money to do a tool review. That way I get to say what I want about all of these tools, good, bad, or in between, the companies can't control me. That may...

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Empire Indestructible Level?


An Indestructible Level

A level is a tool of trust. What do you got in the gun Uncle Tom? Number five and number four ball gauge. You get the control point; you make sure your level is in good shape. What happens if you drop it? You have to trust that it's strong enough to withstand a few bumps and bruises along the way. So we're having some Sunday fun. And Empire claims to have the strongest level ever. We are going to put that to the test. Okay, you ready for this one? Here boys, catch. Here it goes. That was a good hit. That's about everything I've got! That farm cat has fast legs. Colten: It follows us, I like it. Tom: Still right on. Stan: Still right on? Stan: Turn it around; let's see how many damages this thing got so far. Stan: Boys stay behind that wall.

Uncle Tom Shoots the Level

Stan: What do you got in the gun Uncle Tom? Tom: Number five and number four. Stan:  Number five and number four, what gauge? Tom: Twelve gauge. Stan: Twelve gauge five, twelve gauge four....

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