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Payloader Basics for Beginners- How to Run, Operate & Understand Heavy Equipment - Part 1


Speaker 1: When I was eight years old, I was handed a hay hook, and I was told to use that to grab hay bales to lift them out of the field and onto the tractor. I was never given any more instruction than, "Here is the hook. Here's what's gotta be done." And I grabbed that hay hook, and it basically comes off your hand and has a big hook, and I slammed it down onto the very first hay bale, and the hook bounced back and smashed my eight year old little hand. Ever since that day, I have hated hay hooks and hay bales with a passion.

Speaker 1: Well, the point is, if somebody would've taken the time to show me the right way to use that hay hook so I wouldn't have gotten hurt and I could've done the job the right way, I would probably think a little bit differently about hay hooks and hay bales to this day, which yeah, I guess they're not my mortal enemy, but ...

Speaker 1: So today, guys, is the start of a six part series on how to run a payloader. And we're actually going to get my...

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