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Dewalt- 1st place for the Worst Lawn Mower of the Year

dewalt lawn mower review Jul 03, 2018

Speaker 1: These all yeah. But isn't that cool right there? Man, that's just all good. 

Speaker 2: Cool.

Speaker 3: How's the girl? Ah them teefers. How's them teefers? Oh you got such a pretty smile. Who's got a pretty smile? You got a pretty smile. Yes you do. Yes you do. All right guys. Sorry about that. Little quality time with the fox there. 

Speaker 3: Where do we go today? All right. First thing I got to say is I get asked the question a lot, who makes the absolute best tool out there. Is it Milwaukee, Makita, or DeWalt? And I've been fortunate enough to be able to go behind the scenes with all three companies and I can tell you that all three of them put an amazing amount of quality into their tool brand. But that doesn't mean everything that they build is absolutely perfect or flawless. And sometimes they build something that it's a complete screw up. And today when I start this video, I assumed that the quality that was going to be in this DeWalt mower would be...

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Latest and Greatest Landscape & Construction tools - The Best & Worst Power tools & Innovations 2018


Stan: Check this out.

Stan: All right guys, it's the best and worst, and one of the worst is actually going to surprise you because it surprised me. The latest and the greatest inside the landscaping and construction industry and it's all brought to you today by Volvo Heavy Equipment. You see, Volvo brought me out to Houston, Texas where I was able to tour the world of asphalt. I'm also going to be bringing you footage from the world of concrete and everywhere else I can find cool stuff.

Stan: Make sure you guys subscribe because coming at you right down the pipeline, Frankie and I are in the process of building a plywood sink. Yep. A sink out of plywood. That should be an interesting one, right Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah, should be.

Stan: What are we waiting for? Let's get into it.

Stan: Now this one is called the Steel Wrist, it allows you to rotate the bucket indefinitely 360 degrees, has a built in grapple on the back of it, allows you to tilt the bucket from side to side giving...

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Dewalt Tool Reviews

dewalt reviews tool review Sep 02, 2017
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Dewalt Power Washer Review

dewalt power washer Jul 11, 2017

Hey guys, this is Phil with Dirt Monkey University, and we're on the last day of this project. We just finished a large string this project on this property and we're cleaning up the driveway. At the end of our jobs we want to leave these houses looking better than the way we found them.   So we're using this Dewalt3000 PSI Pressure Washer. It’s about $770-$780 brand new from a big box store. The cool thing about this pressure washer is that I've had it at least 6-7 years.

Dewalt3000 PSI Pressure Washer
In the past, we've talked about proper maintenance of small equipment. Unfortunately, I'm the first one to break this rule when it comes to these pressure washers. Guys, this gets thrown in the back of our truck at the beginning and at the end of a job. Often, the maintenance on this is an oversight. Unfortunately, bricks will fall on these pressure washers and they take a ton of abuse. We always treat them kind of as a throw away tool. Like they last a few years then we...

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Milwaukee VS Dewalt Heated Jackets - Winter Coat Reviews


From the top know it's all about the absolute best literal word where a bagel Plus it's red versus yellow today and a new category of electric heated coats we're going to use three criteria to help your side which is right for yourself runtime, special features that each coat offers and potential problems and issues so let's just started. Three, two, one.

Starting from the top this is my absolute favorite this one place bear pap world this is real beaver skin This hat is not to be confused with the standard mad bomber or other name brand hats that you can find. This is far superior to anything that's available out there, in fact, it may be as ugly as all get out but there is a fight in my house who gets the wear this when it gets a below zero degrees out if you're looking for a hat go to fur hat world and tell them that dirty monkey sent you and you get absolutely no special benefits and I will get anything, either way, you will get yourself the best hat out there .

This is real...

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Chainsaw Review- Gas or Electric - Does Dewalt Stand a Chance?


We're going to be talking about chainsaws today, and specifically their applications. we're not going to go in technical details of how many cc's a gas powered chainsaw may have; if you want those kind of details I'm going to recommend you go check out my friends at the Tools in Action crew over on YouTube.

Tools in Action

Tools in Action show: What's up you guys?! Welcome to the Tool-a-Thon. It's going to be a weekly show where we show you guys the latest in tool innovation. Stan: They have phenomenal reviews! Today what we're going to be talking about is real world application. When you may need a gas powered chain saw, and IF an electric chainsaw could even be a viable option in your arsenal. So let's get started. Three, two, one. Alright, before I get started, the one thing I want to point out is I've never accepted any kind of money to do a tool review. That way I get to say what I want about all of these tools, good, bad, or in between, the companies can't control me. That may...

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Dewalt Outdoor Power Tools- Gas VS Electric / Battery Blower & Trimmer Comparison


Dewalt has laid the gauntlet down; they want me to put the theory to the test that electricity can replace gasoline. We're going to find out if that's true. Jake is double-fisting it. Go for it Jake. Today we're going to be talking about Dewalt's electric line-up and what is right for your company. Before we get started, I want to clarify something. There is a difference between the 20 volt setup and the bigger 40 volt setup which is more for the professional landscaper.


Let's talk about that difference. You can pop the battery out of the 20 volt outdoor tools and run them in your drills and run them into your power tools as well. The 40 volt set up is designed for longer run times, something landscapers will typically use. It's more of a deep cell battery and it's got to withstand hotter temperatures. It's a little heavier duty tool as well because it's designed for those guys that...

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