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Artificial Turf. Pro Tips for Beginners. Install your own Fake grass - Part 2


Speaker 1: So while we're building retaining wall here in Minnesota, Phil and his crew are gonna be down in Georgia doing the rest of this artificial turf installation project. No, I'm just gonna tell you a little something about Phil, and Eduardo, and his crew, I've never actually met anybody better at doing what they're doing. Today they're gonna walk you through step by step, everything that you guys need to know to wrap up this project on your own. If you're thinking about doing artificial turf, these are the guys to go to.

Speaker 1: If you guys are interested in knowing what we're doing, Zander, pan back, I'll let these guys see the overall scope of this project.

Zander: All right.

Speaker 1: While they're down in Georgia working, Tim, Lane, Zander, and I are gonna be building a brand new entryway to this building. And this no ordinary entryway, because the retaining walls that we're gonna be constructing ...

Speaker 1: This is gonna be so cool, the reason they say it like...

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How to Install Artificial Turf for a Putting Green


Phil: Hey guys, great news for you. This is not another snowplowing video by Stan. We're here in sunny Georgia and the only thing coming from the sky right now is pollen. It's no fun to deal with, but we certainly don't get 19 inches of it.

Phil: Today, we're gonna be installing an artificial turf putting green and we're gonna show you step by step how that gets done.

Stan: So you're probably wondering who that guy is, and why he's on my channel. Well, his name is Professor Phil, and he happens to be on the smartest dudes that I've ever met. And he knows more about artificial turf than anybody I've ever known in my life.

Stan: Hey Frankie. Hey, what do you know about artificial turf?

Frankie: I don't know nothin' about it.

Stan: Me neither. That's why we got Professor Phil because I'm going to be learning exactly the same stuff you are during this video. So, let's get into it and let's actually see if Phil does any work. If I know Phil, he's probably going to have everybody around...

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Timber Retaining Wall, Artificial Turf, Belgard Paver Patio

Week 1

We are about one week into a major renovation project and we are working on by far the most dangerous hillside we have ever worked on. I want to try to give you an idea of what we're working on. If you look at how steep the slope behind me is, so we've got a two-tier retaining wall.  We have our lower tier behind me that extends up about 6ft tall. This entire slope was very steep and covered in a rose or control plants that have large evergreen trees on it. We've created this middle level area which is 14ft deep and then we've built the second reinforced timber retaining wall. This middle terrace is going to go to the blue lines behind you. That is going to be a putting green.  This putting green is going to be a pretty awesome feature.  Around the outside of this putting green is going to be a rock or chipping area. This is the part that makes me nervous. Every time it comes down, I can't help but hold my breath. It's been in and out about 60 times.  But...

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