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Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Review

Bobcat T-180

Today we're going to talk about the Bobcat T-180 and why you may want or may not want this machine in your company. We're going to cover the pros and cons of what this machine can do and what the limitations of this machine are. If you’re looking at a tracked machine, understand what kinds of Bobcat or any tracks machine. There is absolutely no give in this track system.  Not all tracks are created the same. Be careful when you buy a track machine, because you've got to get the right one for what you're doing. We work in the dirt.  You’ll see we've got a very aggressive tread design on here that works great in a situation like this.  But if you go to get on snow or ice, this machine won't move. When you get on hard pavement you're trying to plow with a machine like this forget it.  You're going to have a difficult time moving and you're going to have one hell of a sore back when you're done.

Track Design

There is a track design that has a...

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Ironlace Shoe Lace Challenge - Worxmen


I was sent these expensive laces places to test, but don't think they planned on the way I would test them out. I torched them, I pull the loader with them, I pull the pickup truck up a hill with them and I try to lift three thousand pound plate packer with the shoelaces. Travis at Worxmen sent me these expensive laces and he told me to give them a try, but I don't think he thought I was going to try them out like this..

Shoe lace test! This truck is going to be in neutral, and this truck is going to pull it.

So it's here, alright, broken is not an option. Let’s try to tow a truck with them. So you call that slightly uphill too. Just a little bit. It didn't even stretch. The shoelace didn’t even stretch dude. There's no way. Holy crap The iron lace can tow a pickup truck, but what can it do with a loader? Let’s check it out! So here's what we know so far about the shoelaces.  If you're ever in a fire, your boots will melt to your feet but you shoelaces...

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Western Snow Plow Review


We're going to review the Western MVP3 snow plow, and I'm going to recommend you watch this video before you pull the trigger on buying.
<h5>Western MVP3</h5>
I absolutely love the lift and hooking system on a Western snow plow. How they actually attach to the truck. But that's where the love affair stops. Western MVP3 plows need dramatic improvement. Today I'm going to show you two identical trucks and two snow plows put on within a couple days of each other. One of the cutting edges on one of the trucks is gone, and the other cutting edge is absolutely fine and in good condition.
<h5>Western Snow Rep</h5>
I called up directly the Western snow rep. I had him come up to my house and take a look at this. And I got absolutely nowhere. I didn't get a good answer. I did learn that there may need to be some micro adjustments in the T-bar of the actual snow plow to keep it from biting more. If this is the pavement this is your snow plow to keep it from biting more into...

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Hiniker vs Western - Snow Plow Review


<h5>Western MVP3 Vs Hiniker Scoop</h5>
Today we're going to put a Western MVP3 V snowplow against the Hiniker scoop plow. We’re going to talk about the benefits of each plow. We’ll also talkabout the negative portions of the plows. That way you can make an informed decision for yourself

What are you going to see is a new Western, contractor grade MVP3 three and what we have on this side is a Hiniker scoop. Now this is an older plow, so you may be giving us a fair comparison? Let me just tell you, this Hiniker your scoop plow smokes any other plow we've ever ran. We've ran boss. We've ran Leo. We have three Western snow plows.

For carrying capacity, the Hiniker snowplow is easily the monster plow of everything. We have. One of the things I like about this snowplow here in particular. This one has what we call a poly blade. So that's not metal; that's just plastic. That means when you're carrying the power around and not snowplowing, it's light, it's easy, and...

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