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Making D.E.F. Regulations Suck Less

D.E.F. Regulations

Stan: The lawn care landscaping construction industry has dramatically changed in the last five years and the problem is we have more rules, restrictions, and regulations than ever before and this is the tip of the iceberg. It's only going to get worse. Luckily we have small companies out there that are helping contractors like you and I deal with these new regulations that the EPA likes to put on us. I want to introduce you guys to Thunder Creek, first they're going to teach us what DEF. is. And then they're going to show us some unique ways they're helping contractors like us work around the new regulations. So let's get started. Alright guys what we're going to be talking about today is that we want to de-mystify it. DEF is a new regulation that the government has imposed on all of us. And that's going to impact you, it's going to impact me. If it hasn't caught up to you yet, it eventually will. Luke is going to tell us a little bit more about these regs and...

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Bidding & Estimating - Landscape, Construction, Hardscape, Lawn Care


Stan:  In one hour, I'm going to hopefully teach you something that will change your life forever. I'm going to show you three simple rules that will potentially double your profits from this year forward for the rest of your life. It’s the three percent rule, the five percent rule and the 10 percent rule. Now at the end of this video some of you are going to say the ten percent rule is not achievable and for you it isn't, so congratulations you're right. You see for me I don't live by the 10 percent rule, I've upped that ante a decade ago. I've made the 10 percent rule be my 40 percent rule, to be my 50 percent rule, to be my 60 percent rule. If I can do it, then I know you guys can do it. One of the things I want you to focus on in this next hour, is to understand the effect of scarcity. At the end of this video, I'm going to give you some actual examples of how very common businesses can have very scarce services. So make sure you stay tuned all the way to the end.


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Landscaping Renovation - Dry Creek Bed River Stone Drainage, Retaining Wall, Zoysia Sod


I want to give you a walk-through of a job we completed that has just about every type of service that we offer on it. The job started off to do the work for this house right.  We were doing a retaining wall to fix the drainage, clearing the back yard, irrigation system, sod, pavers, landscape lighting, and fencing. So, we started off working here and about day 2 into the project, the neighbor came over and said, "listen we've been getting bids on our back yard for 5 years." They had huge drainage problems.  If you can see, the water came down from that area and just washed out the whole backyard. There was no sod, and it was overgrown with weeds.  All that water came downhill into this property.  It’s a big natural area so where I'm standing. This was just no backyard.  It was all completely down to bare dirt with a lot of channeling where all the water had flowed into the property. Our job was to fix all of that. As I said, this neighbor came over...

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Tools in Action Reviews Dump Trailers for Landscaping, Construction, Equipment or Lawn Care

equipment reviews trailers Mar 09, 2017

I'm in Chicago with the Tools-in-Action guy and we're going to be talking about landscape trailers. What I consider to be one of the four most critical pieces of equipment and these guys have hands on experience they just purchased one so they're going to walk us through what to look for you know landscape equipment trailer.

Thanks guys for having me on.

Speaker 2: Thanks for coming out, I appreciate it awesome.

Main Speaker: it is good to the expert out seriously. I am knowledgeable about trailers but I am not as knowledgeable as you would be you would be using the stuff every day and on the job know stuff like that I'm sure we're going to get used to finite daily but you know we want to hear what you want to see what you feel about this

Speaker 2:

OK but the way you guys speced this out this is absolutely Cadillac top of the line yes it is what I want to cover because not all trailers are created equal and it's easy to mistake the cheaper trailer and get into it and you know...

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Case SR270 Skid Loader & Arctic Sectional Snow Pusher

Arctic Sectional Snow Pusher

Today we're reviewing the Case SR270 skid loader and an Arctic sectional snow pusher. I call this a bullet proof plow system for a reason so let's get started. The first thing that I want to point out is this is a sectional snow plow that has versatility with a minimal amount of moving parts. There are no hydraulic hoses to connect. There's nothing that can blow out on you in the middle of the night during a major snowstorm. You have two simple connection points that you use with your quick attach coupler. You're hooked in and that's it. Yet this is a true snow pusher that allows you to do things that other snow pushers don't achieve. They have the ability to go up to a curb line and back dragged away from a curb leaving a very clean edge. Watch this thing. Look at that; it goes right up. Another thing that this snow pusher does well is contouring to the parking lot. It will literally hug the different elevations in a parking lot leaving it bone dry -...

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18-Year-Old Makes $500,000 per year - Entrepreneur Mindset


Stan:I am with Cullen green is an eighteen year old senior in high school he's been in business for ninety years and he's now topping out over five hundred thousand dollars per year he's going to walk us through the steps on how he originally built his business where is it today so that you guys can we do the exact same things in your life.

Cullen how are you doing today?

Three, two, one

Cullen: I am well

Stan: Thank you coming on the air today Cullen the first thing I want to address is you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth how did you get started and what age were you when you originally got started?

Cullen: we started or I started soon forget it if it fourth or fifth grade eight hundred or cheap mower from Sears that's what began on tire journey and then fifth grade is when I bought my first commercial mower in a little six by ten trailer so that was this are quite a few years ago

Stan: so you're in fourth grade and how did you get the eight hundred dollars to buy...

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New Heavy Equipment Operator

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Milwaukee VS Dewalt Heated Jackets - Winter Coat Reviews


From the top know it's all about the absolute best literal word where a bagel Plus it's red versus yellow today and a new category of electric heated coats we're going to use three criteria to help your side which is right for yourself runtime, special features that each coat offers and potential problems and issues so let's just started. Three, two, one.

Starting from the top this is my absolute favorite this one place bear pap world this is real beaver skin This hat is not to be confused with the standard mad bomber or other name brand hats that you can find. This is far superior to anything that's available out there, in fact, it may be as ugly as all get out but there is a fight in my house who gets the wear this when it gets a below zero degrees out if you're looking for a hat go to fur hat world and tell them that dirty monkey sent you and you get absolutely no special benefits and I will get anything, either way, you will get yourself the best hat out there .

This is real...

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089: Matt Jones - Building and Using Your Database Effectively

Matt Jones of The Site Shed Podcast joins Stan to teach us how to use a website as a way to create a good business database that we can market to over time.

Use your website as a way to create content.  This content can then be used to create leads.  To run seasonal campaigns, it's important to capture customer data.  You want to get people to your website, you want to create a community.

Using free guides and downloads, you can "tag" people so you can create lists so you are marketing the right things to the right people.  When you are marketing, it's important to build trust by giving them information they can use.  Communicate things that are relevant to the customer.

Links from this episode:
The Site Shed Podcast
Tradie Web Guys

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088: Danny Iny - Make Money Selling Your Knowledge

Danny Iny's passion is teaching people how to sell online courses to generate income.  He is the founder of Mirasee, a company dedicated to improving the world by helping people spread their knowledge.  They teach people how to do different components of online marketing.

Links from this episode:

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