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Just trying to get started in snowplowing, this program's going to teach you the entry level ropes. I do these things because I wish somebody had done them for me.

My very first year in snow plowing I got screwed out of 10 thousand dollars by a contractor because I didn't know better. Then I thought I had figured out the system and how to protect myself. I went to work for managerial companies directly.

Five years later, I got screwed out of 12 thousand dollars because I didn't know better. Now, 30 some plus years of snow plowing have taught me the ins, the tricks of the trade, where the real profits lie when you're snow plowing and a guy named [Goggin 00:00:46] called me up and said, "Teach me everything you got, Stanley. Are driveways a good way to go?" Heck yeah, but they're also a managerial nightmare. You do a hundred driveways on your account. Well, guess what. You have to invoice 100 people. There's a way around that so you only put one invoice out for the entire season and you're done. I teach you every shortcut. Took me years to master. I give them all to you in this. 

I hope this helps you out. I've also priced it at a point where anybody can afford to do this. It's power packed with information. It's to the point. It's concise. You can skip through it. You can get to certain questions. You can go back and it's yours forever once you download it at Dirt Monkey University. 

I do these things because I wish somebody had done them for me. I do them for you guys. Love you. God bless each and every one of you. Now go get them.


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