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NO MORE WAITING!!! The Dirt Monkey Team has decided that RIGHT NOW is the time to bring our absolute VERY BEST material into one complete training program…

Welcome to the new, and SIGNIFICANTLY UPGRADED, Dirt Monkey Ultimate Landscaping PhD in print format, video format and webinar format. You’ll see the most hard-hitting content that Stan and Phil have ever developed, all in one, super easy to use program. 

Earning your Landscaping PhD is not for the person just looking for a quick business fix. This is for the serious business owner that is tired of repeating the same mistakes. Tired of working crazy hours with no money to show for it, tired of employees quitting with no notice, tired of taking on crappy clients that don’t pay their bills, tired of arguing with their spouse over problems as work, tired of carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and tired of wondering what to do next. 

If you’ve been looking for a single source of knowledge, available in one comprehensive, digestible format, the YOUR WAIT IS OVER!


Ultimate Landscaping PhD Course 
(Revised and Upgraded)


✔ Over 30 hours of video trainings

✔ Live Hiring Videos

✔ Live Sales Videos

✔ Training on how to organize profits (Profit First)

✔ YouTube Marketing Crash Course

✔ Editable Paperwork (INCLUDING our Employee Handbook)

✔ Overcoming Objections

✔ Growth Tools for Your Business

✔ Live Trainings with Business Owners

✔ 9-Part Bidding & Estimating Series

✔ 6-Part Landscaping Business System Series

✔ 10 Basics to Starting a Business

✔ Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course

✔ Commercial Lawn Care Estimating Course

✔ How to Bid Rock & Mulch

✔ Commercial Snow Plow & Ice Control Estimating Courses

✔ How to Get Started in Snow Plowing

✔ Editable Employee Handbook

✔ Project Foreman: Job Description

✔ Stan’s e-book and audiobook, ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of Two’

✔ 30-Day Exclusive Access to our Private Mastermind Group with nearly 400 members


$3,000 SPECIAL

Let me tell you a story…

My palms were sweating as my client handed me the $11,250 deposit check. I’d never sold a job over $4,000 and now I had just landed a project for over $22,000…but the joy I felt was about to change.

Looking back on that project now, from my perspective many years later, I can see so clearly why I should have been running away. Everything I lost and learned during that project seems so apparent and it’s painful to think that other contractors still proceed with jobs, TO THIS DAY, that have the ability to sink their ship a matter of a few DAYS. That’s right, I said “DAYS”. Not weeks, or months. ONE BAD JOB, OVER THE COURSE OF A FEW DAYS, CAN BANKRUPT A COMPANY! 

Heck, I didn’t know I needed a permit to build a retaining wall. I didn’t know I needed a French drain. I didn’t know what a stop work order was. I thought asking people from Craigslist to drive to the house and meet me there to work for the day was fine. I didn’t carry worker’s comp insurance. I figured we could get all of the dirt excavated with wheelbarrows and shovels. And I was about to learn what an engineer’s compaction test was. And things were just getting worse. 

In fact, I had only been in business for a few months when this “amazing” project “fell in my lap”…aka…The homeowner wanted a retaining wall and no one had bid less than $25,000 and the most reputable company was over $31,000. So, because I didn’t know what I was doing, I jumped at the chance to take this project on for far less money. The only thing that saved me in the end was being able to use nearly all of the $10,000 I had saved to cover my losses.

 The point is, I NEEDED EDUCATION, and LOTS OF IT!! Sadly though, this education did not exist. Many of my lessons were learned the hard way and sometimes, out of blind luck, I would turn a profit. But I got SMARTER! That I can say with certainty. I kept track of my proposals, my close ratios, my profits, my overhead and where I was spending my time. It took me years, but I finally began developing the crucial business systems my company desperately needed to make a predictable and repeatable profit. 

Today, the systems that run my company are proven and time-tested. And they are all included in this PhD program. We’ll teach EVERYTHING you need to know to thoroughly understand your financial statements so you can BID EVERY JOB PERFECTLY, and FOR MONSTER PROFITS!

Then, Stan masterfully takes everything a step further by sharing live hiring calls, live sales calls and hours of impactful interviews with some of the brightest minds in the Green Industry!



Imagine the impact you can have on yourself, your business, your family and your community if you had access to this knowledge? Imagine running your company with a clear vision and defined company culture that consistently put money into your pockets, day after day, week after week and year after year. Imagine what it would be like to build a legacy, instead of simply going to a job every day. 

Now is the time to STAND UP! Be fearless! Own this moment and take this POWERFUL PROGRAM and lead your business into a bright and profitable future!

We’re hoping you accept our invitation to join Dirt Monkey University TODAY!

Wishing you the very best!

Stan, Kali and Phil!

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