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Helping 1000's of successful landscape contractors across the United States to Organize, Manage, and Build their Businesses with Proven Tools

Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course

Determine your average costs
Create a static bidding formula 
Bid jobs correctly 
Bidding fertilizer for small & large properties
Bid weeding and edging 

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Commercial Lawn Care Estimating Course

Bed and Shrub Care
Spring and Fall Cleanup
Weed Control

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Editable Employee Handbook

Jury Duty, Holidays, Paid/Unpaid Time off, Sick Time, Voting days, Accident Reporting, Safety, Employee Theft, Exit Interviews, Performance & Compensation Reviews
And much more….

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"Wow....Thank you Stan, thank you Phil and thank you David Nelson! Awesome ...just awesome!! I'm literally having to pause the video at about the 27 minute mark (mission = pain + giftedness) to write this....I'm just ...MOVED! The thought processes, the feelings, the passion that you guys have and the way you explain things in ways that many of us have, I'm sure felt or thought in our everyday lives, is put so succinctly and into into words that we may have struggled to come up with ourselves. I thank you guys from my heart for what you're doing, how you inspire me and others to achieve what we have been trying for and for helping to light our way. I watched Stan's YouTube channel for the last year. Learning, laughing, being inspired and motivated in ways that I haven't been in years. Changing my outlook and helping me find my direction again. Joining the Mastermind Group is only the beginning for me, worth every cent and so much more. Again, for everything you're doing guys, thank you!"

Tim Fisher
Mastermind Group Member

"This course has created immense confidence for me and my guys to give prospective customers quotes on the spot, with confidence. It ensures that we are making what we need to profit in order to thrive."

Jack H
Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course

"I have really enjoyed the few podcasts and videos I have listened to and watched thus far. Thank you for sharing all of knowledge and wisdom on business decisions (good and bad) and successful operations. I am eager to learn more and get over feeling lost on the “right” way to get started and operate as told by the “gurus”. Thanks for all you do. God bless. "

Kirby M
Free Member


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